Bakery & Deli

You can’t have a market without

fresh baked goods

Our Bakery

Nothing beats that fresh baked aroma… Every day we bake breads of all kinds in-house so they are guaranteed fresh when you visit. Banana bread, fruit pies, muffins, cookies and other delicious goodies also make their way out of our hot ovens daily! We also have several local artisan bakers delivering their fresh baked wares to our stores each morning for your fresh eating enjoyment!

You can’t have a market without

Deli delicacies and fixin’s

Our Deli

An assortment of smoked, cured, seasoned, fresh, savory DELI-cacies that will delight your senses and taste-buds. Our products are fresh, and made with simple ingredients you recognize and can pronounce. Gluten-free, dairy-free, nitrate free and natural products are all available.


Fresh sliced meats, smoked jerkies and pepperoni, sausage rolls and meat pies, quiches, fresh salads, cheeses… the list goes on! Come see our smokin’ selection.


Products include:


  • Baked in-house baguettes and breads
  • Baked in-house sausage rolls, pies and savouries
  • Baked in-house fruit pies, sweet loaves, cookies and sweets
  • Fresh, local, artisan-bakery breads and sweets


Products include:


  • Smoked and cured meats of all kinds, sliced fresh to order
  • Smoked and cured sausages, jerkies and pepperoni
  • Fresh Salads
  • Locally made and imported cheeses
  • Olives and antipasto
  • Unique spreads, dips and condiments