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Meal planning all wrapped up!

Butcher Bundles

Curated – Your Butcher Bundle is assembled with the same high-quality meats we sell in our meat display case. Get Meridian favorites wrapped up and ready for the freezer. See great savings on your favourite meats.

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Custom Made to Order – Choose from our most popular meats selection to build a butcher bundle tailored just for you. Reserve online for payment and pickup in store


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Grass-Fed / Free Run

Meat & Poultry

No question – We’ve built our family business reputation on the quality of our meats.

Our meat departments are full service, old fashion style butcher shops, with all the fresh cuts of meat you’d expect on display, along with specialty meats and delicacies that will delight you!

Our friendly skilled butchers are at your service for special orders, custom cuts and to answer any questions you may have about our meats or how to prepare them.


Meet our Meats

Ocean Wise™


Here on the West Coast we are fortunate to have an abundant supply of fresh seafood options year round and we aim to stock our counter with plenty of fish!

From local Johnston Straight Sockeye Salmon, and Queen Charlotte Halibut, to local spot prawns and Savory Island clams, we feature what fresh and harvested locally as often as possible. In addition, we carry exotic seafood choices along with various prepared seafood as well. If we don’t stock what you’re looking for, we’re always happy to bring in products for you on special order – just ask and we’ll make all the arrangements!


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Fresh & Local


Fresh food is what we’re all about and our produce is the star of the show.

We’re meticulous about quality and freshness and it shows in every bin, basket and barrel in our farm fresh produce department. As often as seasonally possible we buy locally grown fruits and veggies direct from local farmers. Click Here to see what produce is fresh & local in stores now!

Want Organic? – Expect to find an abundant selection of fresh picked and harvested organic produce available year round.


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Bakery & Deli

You can’t have a market without fresh baked breads and all the deli delicacies and fixin’s to go with them!



Nothing beats that fresh baked aroma… Every day we bake breads of all kinds in-house so they are guaranteed fresh when you visit.



An assortment of smoked, cured, seasoned, fresh, savory DELI-cacies that will delight your senses and taste-buds.


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Healthy Living

Grocery & Natural Foods

Most of what we have to offer is focused on healthy living and we’re always looking to stock new products with clean and natural ingredients, with preference to always support local producers.

Snack foods, beverages soups, pastas, granolas, dairy… the list goes on, and even includes natural holistic treats for your pooch! Our selection is always changing, and chances are, you will find a few things in our grocery section that are unique and surprising.


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Ready Made

Party Platters

Deliciously Small Bites & Tasty Delights

Order your party platter by clicking the Order Now button below, or by phoning or visiting one of our Meridian Farm Market locations in Maple Ridge, North Vancouver or Tsawwassen, or our Meats & Seafood Port Coquitlam location.


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Starting Line Up

Meridian Burgers

Here is our starting line up of burgers you'll be obsessing over!

  • Free Range Prime Rib Burgers
  • Free Range Lamb Burgers
  • Free Range Homemade Steak Burgers
  • Free Run Chicken Breast Burgers
  • Free Range Fresh Burger Patties
  • Free Run Santa Fe Turkey Burgers

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