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Every April the Meridian family partners with the Canucks Autism Network (CAN) as part of Autism Acceptance month. Meridian is committed to the cause and programs provided by CAN including year-round high-quality sports as well as recreational, arts, and social programs for individuals and families living with autism. CAN is a beacon for increasing awareness and providing autism training in communities across British Columbia. Meridian is proud to run its annual CAN fundraiser all April long.

The Canucks Autism Network:

  • Offers highly-supported programs to build confidence and skills
  • Promotes acceptance, accessibility, and inclusion in community spaces across BC
  • Remains committed to increasing representation of autistic individuals and those with other disabilities in the workforce

Read more about the Canucks Autism Network.

An Endeavor Close to Our Hearts

Brody McDearmid, accountant, company partner and trusty Meridian CFO, spearheads the CAN fundraiser each year. At 4 years old, Brody’s son, David, was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). Since being diagnosed with ASD, David has surprised Brody and his wife Carrie over and over with his ever growing and evolving list of unique talents and abilities. He’s bright, funny, and has an outgoing, warm and charismatic personality. David is the inspiration behind Meridian’s commitment to the Canucks Autism Network and the annual fundraiser.

Along with the annual CAN fundraiser, Meridian offers an Acts of Kindness program, and a fundraiser program which provides 30% of funds raised to approved organizations. Additionally, Meridian has made donations to local food banks, the Tsawwassen Boys and Girls Club, Surrey Christmas Bureau, and much more. Interested in more information? Use the links below or contact us with any questions.

Meridian Fundraiser Program
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