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Meridian’s local produce kicks off each year with the arrival of greenhouse veggies in the spring, followed by berries, potatoes, Chilliwack corn, Okanagan favourites in the summer, and plenty more. Each new arrival is a reason to celebrate! By working with Lower Mainland farms, local fruit and veggies are typically in-store within 24 hours of harvest—guaranteeing our customers the absolute freshest produce. Interested in learning more? Read about our a few of our favourite farmers:

Heppell's Farm

Maan Farms

Ralph's Farm Market

RJT Blueberries

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While we may have started as a family of humble butchers, our intentions have always remained the same: provide exceptional service to our customers. That was the motto when Meridian was a five-person team in Port Coquitlam, and the same is true today. As more families are turning to produce, and plant-based diets, we recognized a need that we weren’t fulfilling through our old-fashioned butcher shops—and we listened. Today you’ll find full produce departments in our farm markets in Maple Ridge, Tsawwassen, North Vancouver, Mission, as well as Ralph’s Farm Market in Murrayville Langley. We continue to be transparent in our produce sourcing, so you know exactly where your fruits and veggies are grown. Enjoy!


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seasonal produce guide

Apples (Okanagan) September-April
Apricots July-August
Asparagus May-June
Beans (green and yellow) July-September
Beets June-November
Blackberries July-August
Blueberries July-August
Broccoli July-October
Brussels Sprouts September-December
Carrots June-November
Cauliflower July-October
Celery June-October
Cherries June-August
Chilliwack Corn July-September
Cucumbers March-September
Dill Weed July-August
Garlic July-December
Grapes (concord) August-September
Lettuce June-September
Nectarines July-August
Peaches July-August
Pears August-October
Peppers April-October
Pickling Cukes July-August
Plums August-September
Potatoes May-April
Pumpkins October
Raspberries June-July
Rhubarb April-July
Squash July-December
Strawberries June-September
Tomatoes April-October
Zucchini June-October
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