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Sustainable Seafood

We are an Ocean Wise partner. Ocean Wise is an organized program initiative lead by the Vancouver Aquarium created to identify ocean-friendly seafood choices and make strides to ensure the health of our oceans. At Meridian, we are striving to provide you with seafood options that are sustainable and harvested using fishing practices that reduce by-catch and avoid any harm to sea life habitat.

The Ocean Wise symbol is marked on the signage for all of the seafood items we have on display in our showcases that are currently listed as Ocean Wise approved.


For more information, please visit Ocean Wise


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Here on the West Coast we are fortunate to have an abundant supply of fresh seafood options year round and we aim to stock our counter with plenty of fish!

From local Johnston Straight Sockeye Salmon, and Queen Charlotte Halibut, to local spot prawns and Savory Island clams, we feature what fresh and harvested locally as often as possible. In addition, we carry exotic seafood choices along with various prepared seafood as well. If we don’t stock what you’re looking for, we’re always happy to bring in products for you on special order – just ask and we’ll make all the arrangements!

Our seafood selection includes:

  • Fresh local seafood
  • Fresh and frozen exotic seafood
  • Prepared oven/bbq ready seafood
  • Smoked and cured seafoods.