Canucks Autism Network

Thank you for helping us raise over $7800.

Can Collage

Our Meridian Family recently partnered with the Canuck’s Autism Network (CAN) and committed ourselves to supporting their cause and programs with our annual fundraising activities. CAN provides year-round, innovative, high quality sports, recreational, arts, and social programs for individuals and communities across British Columbia. In short, CAN focuses on a three pronged approach: program delivery, training, and raising awareness of Autism.

6 Years ago Brody McDearmid, company partner, and his wife Carrie welcomed their son David into the world who was later diagnosed with autism. David is a remarkable little boy, full of energy and enthusiasm for life. He is the inspiration behind our company commitment to support The Canucks Autism Network. Thanks to CAN, David, along with 100’s of other kids living with autism, have opportunities to participate in a variety of quality activities in a fun and safe environment, tailored for kids with autism-including sports camps, social activities, movie nights, family events, cultural experiences, all with 1 on 1 support available from trained staff and volunteers.

So far as of June 18th, we have raised over $7800 to support and help families living with autism in BC. We’d like to shout out a big THANK YOU to all of our customers for supporting our family’s commitment to the Canucks Autism Network.

For more information about the Canucks Autism Network, please visit their website:


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